Green Pool Clean Ups

Selma, CA

Are you looking for an outstanding pool and spa service company that's nearby the Selma, CA area? If you are, that company is West Coast Pools and Spas. We are concerned about the environment and the chemicals that are introduced into the ecosystem. As a result, we provide green pool cleanups using only environmentally safe products. Our green pool rescue will make sure your pool is kept in optimal condition by using environmentally safe techniques and products. Besides our safe, green pool cleanups, West Coast Pools and Spas offers a number of other services including equipment services that include the inspection, repair, or if needed, replacement of timers, heaters, pumps, lighting, salt systems and other equipment. We set up weekly maintenance of pools and spas and routinely empty the skimmer basket, net skim the surface, scrub and brush tiles, steps and pool walls, inspect and empty baskets, equipment and hoses.

Our weekly services also include the balancing and use of chemicals to make sure your pool environment is kept in the best of health. Installations are also in our list of services. So if you are looking for pool filter installation, we're the right folks to call. We are a privately owned local business with an outstanding track record of outstanding service and repairs. We've serviced the Selma, CA since 1988. After all those years, we've come to be regarded as the ultimate pool service company in the area. Our customers remain our customers for years to come because they are impressed by our repairs, high-quality service, and the outstanding way we treat them. To say our customer service is outstanding is quite simply an understatement. What we are is superb, and our highest goal is to provide the highest-quality service and repairs to the spas and pools in the Selma, CA area.

So, if you want green pool cleanups or are looking for pool filter installation, call us. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm. To get a better idea of what West Coast Pools and Spas is all about, pay a visit to our website at .We look forward to keeping your pools and spas in perfect condition.