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Information: Are you in need of swimming pool service or maintenance? Not only do we offer residential pool maintenance, but we also offer a local pool cleaning service for commercial pool maintenance as well. We, at West Coast Pools & Spas, offer a variety of pool cleaning and maintenance services that will suit all of your needs.
Has your pool become a dark green color or even black because nobody has been in it for a long time and no one is willing to clean it? Have you even tried to trick the kids into doing it but they never fall for your tactics of manipulation? We offer a pool pump repair service and a pool filter repair service, as well to relieve you of this bothersome chore. We will make sure that the pool is clear again and that the water is once again 'swimmable.'
Our pool maintenance services are always affordable. Our competitive prices will be easy on your bank account and on your wallet. You won't need to worry about costs when requiring any of our pool services. Could your swimming pool use a few maintenance repairs? Could several cracks stand to be sealed in order to prevent water leakage, or could some bricks stand to be replaced for a more aesthetic look and feel? West Coast Pools & Spas offers services of pool repairs as well. We will fix it right up for you!
The maintenance of your pool and spa is necessary for safety and health reasons because, honestly, most people would rather not dive into a pool of black water. Who knows what might be lurking in those depths? We provide our customers with pool maintenance services to ensure its safety and cleanliness for all you swimmers. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that all swimmers will be safe and protected. Learn More

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